Line Twist

Some disadvantages to using flashers are the heavier drag on your equipment, the fact that flashers cannot be bent to make small adjustments like dodgers, larger fish can stretch the action out of a flasher,and because of its 360 degree rotation you sometimes can get some pretty hairy twist-ups and tangles. You may be able to correct this by making sure you have good ball bearing swivels at both end of your flasher, but if your line dose not provide the resistance to make your swivels work, then your line will continue to twist-up.
The best way to avoid twist-ups is to add a heavier 2ft. long piece of monofilament in front of your flasher with ball bearings at either end.

Leader length for Slasher Flasher

There are a two rules to remember when selecting the correct leader length:

1.  slower troll = shorter leader and faster troll = longer leader
2.  action lures = longer leader and non-action lures = shorter leader 

For a chart on recommended leader lengths click here

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