Slasher flasher rigged.


Slasher Flasher was first designed in 1964 by Jim Gilbert.
Originally manufactured in stainless steel, it was redesigned in 1990 to be a slow revolving line-thru chrome plated plastic flasher.

Flashers are made of either plastic or metal and can be trolled at faster speeds than dodgers because they were originally designed for the commercial trolling industry (2.5-3 knots). Flashers provide more erratic action to your lure, and are a better attractor of game fish because of their 360 degree rotation, which allows them to reflect more light. See our tips section for recommended leader lengths.


Slasher Flasher is recommended for both deep and shallow trolling. The unique 'line-thru' rigging allows the fisherman to change lure leader length by simply sliding Slasher towards or away from bait or lure. Available in rigged and unrigged formats

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