Jim Gilbert dodger rigged JIM GILBERT DODGERS

Jim Gilbert Dodgers were designed in 1968 and named after Jim Gilbert, who developed the entire Krippled line of tackle.

15 cm. - 2.5" x 6"
20 cm. - 2.5" x 8"
23 cm. - 2.5' x 9"
  28 cm. - 2.5" x 11"
  33 cm. - 2.5" x 13"
Dodgers are made of metal, either polished stainless steel, or plated brass, and designed to sway back and forth, activating your lure with short jerks as the dodger reaches the apex of its sway. For a dodger to be productive it should not only activate your lure or bait but also attract game fish by itself.

Trolling speed is most essential to achieving this goal. Choose a trolling speed that makes your dodger snap back when it reaches the apex of its sway (2-3 knots). Trolling to fast could make your dodger spin and not sway. Adjustments can be made by making slight bend changes in the dodger, to get less action or to prevent the dodger from spinning in a fast troll or to get more action in a slow troll. See our tips section for bending instructions and for recommended leader lengths and trolling speeds

Jim Gilbert Dodgers are recommended for deep trolling or down rigger fishing where maximum light attracting flashes and erratic lure swaying action is most important.

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