'KRIPPLED' fishing lures are a unique baitfish rig developed in the salmon rich waters of British Columbia, Canada. What makes these lures so effective is the spiral rolling action, which mimics crippled baitfish swimming from a predator. Hence the name 'KRIPPLED'. 'KRIPPLED' baitfish rigs combine the simplicity of an artificial lure with the effectiveness of live bait. Just add the bait and you're ready to fish. These lures have been used with great success by thousands of local fisherman for over thirty five years! Scroll down to learn more about our secret weapon!

Krippled Anchovy Pack 'KRIPPLED' baitfish rigs were designed specifically for salmon and trout but will attract any game fish that feeds on live bait.

The spiral rolling action of the lure can be tailored simply by modifying the curve in the bait.

Our lures come in three different styles and different sizes for baitfish ranging from 3 - 10 inches, and are available in six different colours (clear, chartreuse, green, glow, red, and blue).

‘KRIPPLED’ baitfish rigs can be ordered fully rigged with treble or single hooks ready to use, or can be purchased in 'U-RIG-M' packs for the fisherman who prefers to tie his own lures. All packages come with complete illustrated rigging and fishing instructions.

Before you can expect to land the big one, you may want to visit our tip pages for more information on baitfish, and salmon fishing.


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