Rigging Krippled Herring
(5 to 10 inch Baitfish)


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Figure 1

To bait Krippled Herring, slide plastic head approx. 6 inches up leader away from hook(s). Insert bait snugly into plastic head cavity, back of bait must be on the same side as the leader exit hole on nose. With bait snugly into plastic head cavity, impale bait with a dry toothpick. Fig.1. Push toothpicks until snug then break ends off clean, flush with plastic head.

While supporting baitfish, insert hook into the side of the bait. Enter hook below rear of dorsal fin. The best action is obtained if the hook is placed in the area where the silver meets the blue. up from end of tail. Fig.2. The shank of the hook should lie flat against bait. In the case of a tandem rig the rear hook should hand free at the side of the bait.

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Figure 2


With the hook placed in the bait carefully mold or bend a slight curve in the baitfish. Curve always toward the hook side of the bait, the back of the bait should be facing you in this operation. To hold the curve in the bait you must now pull up the slack in the leader between the the hook and the friction blister. Hold plastic head in one hand while gently pulling leader with other hand. Just pull enough of the slack leader to hold the curve in the bait. Fig.2&3.

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Figure 3

Replacing toothpick point in blister so as to make a friction stop on the leader. Replacement is necessary when leader slips to freely and will not hold the curve in the bait. Push a dry toothpick into the blister hole, forcing out the old worn toothpick point. Push until snug and break end off clean. Fig.4.

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Figure 4



- Always use firm, straight, bright bait, kept moist and cold.         
- Troll at speeds of 2-3 knots, with bait revs. of 1-2 per second.   
- Desired action is a moderately slow spiral roll.
- If using a Dodger or Flasher use one of at least 11in. in length.
- Always sharpen your hooks and keep them sharp.
- Always test rigged bait for correct bait action alongside boat before fishing.


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